SoS Is a extension to Entity Electronics and it offers onsite solar powered 4G CCTV solutions:

Remotely Manage your site without being there! - check if the workers are arriving on time and keep an eye on building progress.

Remote view - From anywhere in the world.

Remote alarm siren- Trigger the integrated alarm siren on our CCTV unit.

Mobile phone access - Advanced mobile application that allows complete control of the system at the touch of your smartphone. (Push notifications, Alarms, Remote view of events, defining motion sensor areas, microphone to hear on site etc.)

Intelligent Motion Sensing - (avoid false alarm from moving trees etc)

Dual Motion Sensor LED Flood Lights - Additional lighting triggered by motions sensors to give best possible view of the sight at night.

Choice of cameras available:

HD 360deg User controlled with 25x Optical zoom and 400M IR night vision and Auto tracking features (recommended for big sites, paddocks, farms etc)

HD 360 deg mini, User controlled with 5x optical zoom and 80M IR night vision. (recommended for single house construction)

HD 180 deg user controller with 5x optical zoom and 80M IR night vision (recommended for small sites)

HD 6MP Fixed with 50M IR Night Vision (recommended for multi camera applications where constant vision is required on multiple site angles.)

SoS products are made with your unique building site in mind. Our units are all assembled locally and this means we can provide many extra features to our custom made Remote CCTV system which in return results in a more powerful and effective building site CCTV security system.

For more info please contact us on 0402937883